De Data Runner - Freelance data science consultant
De Data Runner - Freelance data science consultant

Understanding, Exploring, Modelling, and Training your data. Improving your business.

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About De Data Runner

Analytical Data Runner

Runner with strong background in industrial engineering and focus on solving business challenges by using data. Matching business understanding with complex mathematical algorithms is my goal.

Professional Data Scientist

Flexible and result oriented professional. Experienced in initializing data teams, supporting data strategies creation, and deploying machine learning models to production.

Creative Data Entrepreneur

As a freelance data scientist consultant I strive towards new areas of data science applications. Self-critical, ambitious, and always in the search for new ideas to apply data analytics and improve processes.

Data Innovation Team Structure

Maturity of data innovation is determined by the alignment of data innovation project roles. Spark innovation in the business, pull data experts to proof concepts and implement solutions with the support of IT.

IO - Innovation Owner

The innovation owner is responsible for alignment and adoption of data innovation in the organization. Aligns data innovation timelines with organization strategy.

IT - Information Technology

Support and commitment of IT to help align the existing IT with data innovation (e.g. cloud, development platforms). Provide access to data and needed systems to extract new data.

SME - Subject Matter Expert

Expert in the business process and ambitious to adopt data innovation. Supports the data expert and scientist to verify data assumptions during the data exploration phase.

DS - Data Scientist

Pull innovation from business, implement proof of concepts and help design robust data development platform for IDE and DS. Ultimately bring AI solutions to production and support adoption in the business.

IDE - Internal Data Expert

Internal data expert responsible for the current internal data maintenance, data warehousing, and business intelligence to support the current organization.

De Data Runner Vision

  1. Descriptive Analytics

Gain first insights in data. Setting up data collection, data structures, and data strategies. “Everyone is talking about big data, what is the fuzz about”.

  1. Declarative Analytics

Next step in data exploration to understand business processes. Getting questions answered by using data explorations embedded in the day to day business.

  1. Predictive Analytics

Knowing what happened in the past, the future is there to predict. Using algorithms and training machine learning models to predict future behaviour. Business teams are in place to start proof of concepts and data roadmaps are determined.

  1. Prescriptive Analytics

Machine learning models are developed and ready to pilot. Data cloud platforms are used to deploy models for automated decision making. Closed feedback loops are in place to continuously monitor en improve models upon. Cloud strategy is part of the new business processes. Furthermore, model management and business adoption are crucial for success.

De Data Runner Skills

Allround Data Science Consultant

From corporates to start-ups, each project requires a different skillset. I've gained skills in a variety of fields from project management to back-end programming, and I'm able to distinguish conceptual thinking including the translation to individual programming challenges.

  • Project management (e.g. Scrum, Stakeholder management, Planning, Budget)

  • Development (e.g. Cloud, DevOps, Version control, CI/CD)

  • Data Modeling (e.g. Python, API, Databases, Visualizing, Azure)

  • Theoretical (e.g. NLP, Classification, Predictive)

De Data Runner Portfolio


Vortza helps runners train optimally for their running goal, without fuss and complicated graphs, but with insightful feedback and tips.

(Python, Soccerlab)

Athlete analysis

One-time analysis of athletes to understand fysical and test performance needed to make it to the first team.

(Python, Soccerlab)

Document Recognition

Building document recognition application, extracting text and annotating important phrases using machine learning.

(Python, NLP, Docker, OCR)

Machine Learning Operations

Support of startup in sports industry designing machine learning operations tooling and infrastructure.

(Python, MLflow)

Machine learning to production

Building a classification model for documents. Automatic deployment to production using CI/CD pipelines.

(Python, Azure ML, Databricks, DevOps)

Network Analysis

Analysis of customer relationship management system in order to visualizing relations and reveal possible leads.

(Python, Neo4j, Qlik)

Newsreader API

Combining news articles and labeling them into categories, deployed as a search API for customers.

(Python, Azure ML, Databricks, DevOps)

Parking Forecasting

Creating a forecasting dashboard for optimal parking lot utilization and control of new incoming customers.

(R, Shiny)

Predicting Finish Time - Building a machine learning model to predict personal best times for new distances based on other personal records.

(Python, Google Cloud, Scrapy, Dash)

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I'm always available for an introduction to discuss your situation. Matching ambitions and discus possible data opportunities.

Houten, Netherlands
KvK - 77410912
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De Data Runner - Freelance data science consultant
De Data Runner - Freelance data science consultant